Thursday, May 6, 2010

for all the natural queens and transitionging natural queens

hello i know that it has been a minute but check out my new natural hair community for all my sistahs of color and let me know how you feel about your natural hair. just comment a little bit on what you dealt with a a natural or transitioning to natural and how did it help you overcome your fears and woes of being a natural beauty queen.

here is the website

Saturday, January 30, 2010

5 months post relaxer

well it has been 5 months so far since i have had a relaxer. my last relaxer was september 21, 2009. and i have never been so much happier. but this time i did not cut my hair, this is the fourth time for me going natural and i am transitioning for the second time the first two times i went scissor happy. and the third time i transitioned for a while and cut my hair again. but i am researching more about how to take care of my hair while transitioning and what styles to do with my hair. at the current moment i have braids i got them january 21, 2010 the beginning of this year. and i am keeping them in until may 14 or 15 of this year two days after my birthday. and then i am letting my hair take a brake for like three weeks. then i am getting crochet braids i like crochet braids it has been a minute since i got them, but they are a cool style to have.hopefully i will see other transitioning sisters that are going natural. GOD BLESS,

Friday, January 8, 2010

i thank GOD for grace and mercy!!!

i thank GOD for his grace and mercy. he is so loving and kind. and so forgiving. there are things that we do in this world that he does not approve of. but eventhough we fall short of the glory of GOD he still gives us many chances. pray not to continue to want to fulfill things of this world. because they have no remorse for you. only GOD cares and loves you and want's to see you saved and do his will. let your spirit die daily and you won't fulfill the lust of the flesh. pray everyday always take time out for GOD you are never to busy for him. if you have backslided get back on track with GOD. i know i need and want a better relationship with my heavenly FATHER. and i know that my life will be better and my spirit as well as myself will grow closer to him each and everyday. please continue to pray my strength in the LORD and i will do the same for you and your family. GOD BLESS,

Monday, December 28, 2009

post relaxer 3 months now.

well it's been 3 months since i had a relaxer. i am going natural for the 3rd or 4th time not sure. but i know this is it for me with relaxers. what made me stop was on two serious occassions. i went to get my hair done at a beauty school and one of the ladys that was doing my hair said my hair was falling out. and that really scared me because i had never heard that before from any hair salon that i had been to. so that was one reason that made me stop putting relaxers in my hair. on another occassion i was getting my hair cut because it had messed up really bad from some hair productst that i had put in my hair, and the lady that was going to cut it said my hair was thin from putting relaxers in my hair. but i was not listening to her because i did not want to believe it and she said she had dealt with the same thing when she used perms. but i just prayed about it. and everything is okay now. but come to think about it GOD never intended us to put perms in our hair. this is just something that women have come to grips with, that if there hair is nappy it needs to be straightened. but there are those women who are going to always put perms in there hair because that's what they like. and there are those women who are not quite sure what to do with there hair. and the women who are natural are just going to continue to be happy and rock their natural hair, just as i am. being natural is fun and that is what i am learning as well, and enjoying through out my natural journey. and i am continuing to learn new things about my hair what works well for my hair and what does not. and i am watching a lot of youtube and other natural sistas, that are going through there natural journey as well. blog with you all soon.GOD BLESS,

Pray everyone a blessed holiday!!

hello everyone just wanted to know if everyone had a blessed Christmas. and i pray that everyone has a blessed new year. i had an awesome christmas and i will have a blessed and awesome new year. it's new beginnings for me and my family. i pray that new beginnings will come your way as well. have a blessed day. GOD BLESS,

Monday, December 21, 2009

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

going natural for the 3rd time!!!!!!

well hello it is been a while since i have been on the scene. i have recently decided to go back natural again for the third time. i really enjoyed being natural. it is a lot of fun and all you have to do int the morning is wash and be on your way. but the only thing i disliked that i should have did the first and second time going natural is be more patient with my hair. i was so excited about going natural the first two times that i went scissor happy and that was a big no no. because i got so many stares and quite a bit of hostility. especially from my family, because they could not understand why i was doing what i was doing. so i had to explain it to them. and i should have researched a little bit more. but this time i know how to go about the whole process and i have been following other naturals on you, hair to, natural hair photos. com, etc. but there are many other natural websites that are out there. and i have noticed a big difference in how i went about being natural the first two times and my third time now. so i am continuing my journey and pray that i will continue to learn new things along the way.